Promotion/ Marketing

     Our job is to provide your music the maximum amount of radio airplay and exposure to new listeners to help create awareness, influence sales and gain new fans. We have spent multiple years developing relationships with radio stations and maintaining a strong reputation throughout the Music Industry. Our music promotion services deliver results. We assess each new client, determine what format and markets(s) your music will gain the maximum amount of radio airplay.

    Marketing your product gets no easier than this, we have in-house designers that puts together promo material such as vinyl banners, online ads, physical flyers and posters.  From magazine features to television appearances, we handle all of the behind the scenes work so the only thing that you would have to do is promote your album's sales link(s) and we got the rest. Besides the visualization of the industry, we also deal with radio spins and interviews so that your fans can listen to you via online/ FM dials. We also assist musicians and companies get on physical billboard signs. The other marketing services that we provide are as followed: Large Posters, Yard Signs, Download Cards, Vehicle Wraps, National Broadcasted Commercials, Movie/ TV Appearances and much more.

     We only work with artists and music that we believe in and are very particular and passionate about the projects we accept. This ensures that each time we do accept a new project, our radio stations are confident in the quality of music. This confidence directly reflects not only on us but the music we promote - your music. Check out the example of how we prepare our artists:

We work with all of these networks and foundations: