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     Revenge Of The Gangsta Nerds is Lifeless Immortal's debut appearance on an industry mixtape, brought in by The Great Lakes Ruler of the Turntables, DJ Vietnam.

     In this constantly growing digital age, there has been a birth of a new breed of music lovers which are known as Gangsta Nerds. This mixtape is solely dedicated to the fans of great music and technology.  Mixed by DJ Vietnam. The Revenge of the Da Gangsta Nerds features artists such as Positive K, Hell Razah, Lifeless Immortal, Seven Da Panther, Donnie Menace, Bunchie, DTach, Trill Will, Raekwon, Dogmatic, B Savage, SB Jones, Monae Morae, K Mac, Doma West and more. Brought to you by WuWorldwide DJs, Coast2Coast Mixtape DJs, Hip Hop Empire Magazine, Supa DJ Coalition,  & VI4V International.

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     Lifeless Immortal has broken the sexual barrier in the military. On the 11th of November, Bunchie was made the First Female General of the Lifeless Immortal Army. She currently operates the 906 Battalion, which is based in Northeast Ohio. In 2016, she was crowned as the Queen of the Great Lakes at the Reign As Kingz event, which featured some of the top artists in the Rubber Capitol of the World.
    Bunchie owns an organization that provides an outreach to delinquent and high-risk children in communities and the surrounding cities of Akron, Canton, Cleveland, etc. Bunchie uses the arts, imagination, and creativity to get the youth on the right path. She first started learning how to mentor and develop artists at a young age while working with Mafya Lafayette Joker. After graduating from High School, she continued to do music as well as finish with getting her bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice and Music Merchandising. This astonishing woman has been highlighted in surrounding cities of Akron, Ohio and continues to make a difference for our youth in society.
     Even though Bunchie is not new to this, she has performed at several shows for Bricksquad 1017 (In Cleveland), Mixdown of Ohio's Finest and many more special events. Recently she put together a very influential event, which was a back 2 school drive for the children, called Buy Back The Block. The age group that she works with is in between the ages of 4-17, providing after school programs and workshops throughout the year.   

       While working with her PNC, Mafya Lafayette (currently known as V Dot Nam) in the early years, they created a rap group called Soulja Deep Click, which were first introduced to having dog tags and an SDC t-shirt. Soon after, Nam went into the Army and left a whole record label with her in Ohio, Nine11 Entertainment. As soon as Nam go back, she had two labels pumping at the same time (Nine11 & Chat & Truss Production) while setting up shows and connecting clients to Industry VIPs.
          Instead of being in the spotlight all the time, Bunchie stayed behind the scenes but now it is her time to give yall straight drop. Currently working on her upcoming album Man Vs Beast, this will be Bunchie's debut album. It has been 7 years since she released her dual-project, Ghetto Thesis: The Album & Mixtape. This female General has passed all the tests of loyalty, workmanship and integrity.
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