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7SG VDotNam: Commander & Chief
Detroit Native born on the Northwest, Livernois & Lyndon. 2nd Nephew of Charlie Hearndon, from the legendary soul group, New Birth. The name, V Dot Nam came from being an initials of one of his birth neighborhoods in the Motor City. From behind the scenes to designing high quality artwork, V Dot Nam has served/ is serving in the industry as a Business Liaison. The first 8 years of his life, he grew up listening to Detroit House and West Coast Gangsta Rap; after that, he became fond of DMX (Ruff Ryders), Jay-Z (Roc), Nas, Master P (No Limit), Bone Thugs N Harmony and many more great musicians that paved the way for the people to get stuff off their chest through music. V started off as an recording engineer and producer for Cut Throat Cartel (formerly known as Cut Throat Entertainment/ Underground Etc.) in the beginning of his musical voyage (Killeen (TX), 2006).
Being in the Lone star state, he learned what wreckin shop mean and from then on Nam been banging the sounds of DJ Screw, SUC, Guerrilla Maab, Dead End Alliance and many great Texas legends. V Dot maturity shows from him being brought up by OGs and veterans. while serving full duty in the U.S. Army. Stationed in Fort Hood, he formed a town (Welcome 2 Tho' wd Town aka W2TT) along with several other groups and families connecting to it. W2tt now have over 100 members including street hustlers, military trained soldiers, veterans, college students and many more different walks of life. Even though, his age is young; he is one out of the million of his peers to obtain such supreme knowledge while commerrecing with Pastors, Reverends, Deacons and many other spiritual leaders.

V Dot first made his first industry appearance in a showcase that him and his brother was hosting for two consecutive weeks, which his DJ crew mate, DJ Chuck T congratulated him on the performance. Before leaving the state of Texas, he recorded over 20 albums within a 6 month period. In the beginning of '07, Worked as an in-house producer for Atlantic Records for a couple months then he went on to creating his own label in 2007. During this time era, he produced, written, engineered and mixed his first independent album "The Definition of...", which other consider as a Greatest Hits collection. Two years afterwards, he met with a gentleman that got him a graphic designing job with OG Freeway Rick Ross during his incarceration.

Shortly afterwards, he took a trip to Miami, where he got the privilage to kick it with Big Mike, Double D and Wu-Tang Clan's Future Chamber on top of doing theme songs for VOSS Water, Club Madonna and the Miami Heat basketball team (before Lebron came in). This trip was not to just push the music, but it was to show the world what he could do in only 1 month while being down there. The whole time Nam was in the MIA, he marched through the trenches of Little Haiti, Havanna, Miami Beach, North & South Beach.

When he got back to the Great Lakes, he ventured off into a new direction within his career and created a worldwide hall of fame for the Hip-Hop genre online; designing a website that consisted of the same functions of facebook, myspace, youtube and reverbnation all in one. He worked that for a couple years to put experience under his belt, then at the tail-end of that company's development; he branched off to create an empire that reconstructs entertainment for the goodness of mankind. Instead of being selfish, Nam has an outlet for every position in the industry to be a part of....

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