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ABOUT LifelessImmortal

A youth and adult gang transitional society that focus on making the world a better place with great entertainment. We are also the official army for musicians worldwide, governed by VI4V Intl.

    In today's music industry, we've noticed throughout the years that there is a lot of great talent out there but most of them aren't recognized for their multiplexed artistry. It's like in the game, either if you know somebody that are connected or you are selected to fulfill the mission of entertaining the masses of the world with restricted materialistic music. It has been a large gap in the Hip-Hop culture, because no ones knows exactly where they want to go. Time has changed, We have a president of ethnicity. While the world's population is mostly spirit than flesh, the battle that we fight is not color but with the elements that is perceived by ears and eyes. After the insurrection of lyrical commander, 2Pac, the Worldwide Immortal Organization is now stronger than ever. All Immortals around the world has united and this is our Music Management sector.

http://officiallifelessimmortal.blogspot.com/p/media.html     Lifeless Immortal is the second generation under Thug Life. The are millions of Immortals and LIs all over the world from Detroit, Texas, Miami, North Carolina, Mississippi, Los Angeles, Virginia, Washington DC, UK, France, China and the list goes on. We serves as a powerhouse of bringing all ethnic groups together in unity through the music and entertainment that we bring forth to you raw and uncut. Founded by Army Veteran, VDotNam in 2013 while working on Hip Hop Empire Magazine & EmpireVizion. Shouted by Nam, Renizance & Immortal Soldierz were added to the LI rooster to facilitate the governance of each member that resides in the United States. Since Lifeless Immortal is the musical side of the military, we fight wars through entertainment. We transition the youth from gang lifestyle to military disciplined musicians. LIFELESS means "Livin InDis Fruad Economy Leavin Enemies Still Sleepin". The IMMORTAL is the spirituality of a LI. We all are born Lifeless until the ignorance of not knowing self dies making us one's spirit immortal. Every LI soldier is expected to follows the CODE of LI. Everyday LDRSHIP is should shown and applied to life. Every mission should be complete, there's no mission that is unfinished if you are Immortal. From releasing albums to books and movies, the morals of the immortal can be heard by just pressing play. We train our Artists, DJs, Producers & Songwriters to be better than the best. Because in this industry, it's a jungle. FOR REAL!

    Now since every rapper want to sing on tracks, the game has went soft like Charmin. This is the main reason why we're here, to bring that realness that the whole world been yearning for the longest since Pac last dropped a track.  THE TRUTH HAS AWAKEN THROUGHOUT THE FOREVER ENDING BATTLE BETWEEN REALITY & THE SUBCONSCIOUS. Follow us as we take you through gateways and portals. ""God Bless The Dead... Thank The Livin".

Lifeless Immortal means "Livin InThis Freud Economy, Leavin Enemies Still Sleepin". The Immortal is the Spirituality of Life. Before the creation of mankind, immortality always played a huge role throughout history. Derived from Ancient Egypt, structures were written on the walls inside of the tombs. Throughout all religions, there is a story similar to an opponent religion. As Immortals, we do not follow any religion, for it is mankind. We make our own history and follow the guides provided to us in life.

Life after death. The ancient Egyptians' attitude towards death was influenced by their belief in immortality. The afterlife was known by many different terms such as “Field of Offerings” and “Rushes”. The Egyptians spent their life preparing for life after death. According to the ancient mythology all individuals would enter the underworld, which was a terrifying dimension which every individual dreaded.

According to Immortal tradition, Osiris was granted the throne of Egypt rather than his elder brother Set. Set was none to pleased about this, but became enraged when Osiris left Egypt to travel the world and left Isis in charge of the Kingdom instead of him. Set decided to get rid of his brother and take the throne for himself. Although the myth of the origins of Anubis is a later development it was also cited as one of the reasons why Set was jealous of his brother Osiris and conspired to kill him. Set tricked Osiris into climbing into a wooden chest cut to fit him and then sealed the box and threw it into the Nile. Isis searched everywhere for her husband's body and found it lodged in a tamarisk bush which had grown into a huge tree on contact with the body of the god. She broke open the chest and carried his body back to Egypt.

She placed the body in the temple and transformed herself into a kite (a small bird) and flew over the body singing a song of mourning. She then used her prodigious magical talent to conceive Heru-sa-aset (Horus, son of Isis), whose destiny was to avenge his father and defeat Set. Isis then implored Thoth for his help in resurrecting Osiris. The two deities composed the "Ritual of Life", the spell which granted eternal life after death. However, Set discovered their plans and stole Osiris' body. He split it into fourteen pieces and scattered them throughout the length and breadth of Egypt. Still Isis refused to be beaten. She enlisted the support of her sister Nephthys to find the pieces and the help of Anubis to prepared the body (in the first mummification). When the "opening of the mouth" ceremony was performed, Osiris's spirit returned to his body.

Isis mourns Osiris. However, no spirit which has passed to the land of the dead may live in the land of the living, and so Ra decreed that Osiris should become the King of the underworld, and Anubis agreed to give up his position as the lord of the netherworld out of respect for Osiris. Isis and Horus then hid in the marshes under the protection of Thoth and Amen-Ra. Meanwhile, Isis hid with her infant son in the marshes of the delta, protecting him until the day when he could face Set and recover his father's kingdom.

When Horus came of age he battled with his uncle. Isis used her magic to assist Horus in battle, but when the opportunity presented itself she could not kill Set, who was after all her elder brother. This enraged Horus, who promptly lopped off her head! Isis was apparently unperturbed by this turn of events, and caused a cow's head to grow on her shoulders. Fortunately for Horus, Isis forgave his unreasonably aggressive reaction and continued to support him.

In China, there were Eight (8) Immortals. One particularly name was Li Tieguai, also known as Tieguai Li. The title that he carried was the "Iron Crutch Li"). Given the wide discrepancies in the dates ascribed to his mortal life (from the Tang, 618-906 C.E., to the Yuan, 1279-1368 C.E., dynasties), it seems reasonable to assume that he is a legendary (rather than historical) figure. However, he is depicted as Laozi's apprentice, which shows you that he also lived in Sixth Century BC.

Li Yuan, was the founder of the Tang dynasty of China, and the first emperor of this dynasty from 618 to 626. Under the short-lived Sui dynasty, Li Yuan was the governor in the area of modern-day Shanxi province and was based in Taiyuan, Shanxi. The Dynasty which he founded would rule China for 300 years, and would considerably expand its territory. Not until the eighteenth century would China rule as great an expanse. The success of the Tang dynasty lies in the imperial examination system which it introduced in order to ensure that those with talent administered China. Some commentators claim that Chinese culture reached its zenth under the Tang.[1]. Li Yuan retired as emperor, handing over power to his son.

The character of Li Tieguai stands at the center of a considerable complex of legends and myths. One such story says that when he was younger, Li Tieguai was a handsome and motivated man who achieved fame for his ascetic and philosophical acumen. By his early thirties, he was able to go for weeks without eating or drinking and could become so attuned to the Dao that he was like a dead man. Word of these exploits eventually reached the divinized Laozi, who allegedly returned to earth to become Li's patron and mentor. (In some versions, he is instead instructed by the Queen Mother of the West.)

Under Laozi's expert tutelage, Li's aptitude at various magical and superhuman feats flourished, eventually earning him a following of devoted pupils and admirers. Eventually, Laozi taught Li how to make a voyage of the spirit—separating his soul from his body in order to travel to the celestial realms. After this final lesson, the Old Master invited his pupil to visit him in the heavenly abode of the immortals and gods.

Father of the Immortal culture, Tupac Shakur started his journey in the East Coast then set out West to manifest some of his blueprints. By lining up all of the blueprints for his BGs and YGs to follow suit, we are able to accomplish anything that we put our minds to it and prosper in life under the THUG LIFE code. Creating the first Immortal branch in the United States, Mr Shakur planted the seeds for it to hatch. Throughout the time he was 2Pac, he was independent. Until he used the methods and strategies of Sun-Tzu, he was promoted to the rank of 7 Star General; giving him the title of 7SG Makaveli. Tog dawg of the Thug Life Army, 7SG Makaveli, introduced the world to Outlaw Immortalz (formerly known as Dramacydal) while they were young G's as well as THUG LIFE (The Hell U Give, Litle Infants Fck Everybody) with Big Stretch and Princess Mel. The original Outlawz consisted of E.D.I. Mean, Young Noble, Tupac Shakur, Yaki Kadafi, Hussein Fatal, Moozaliny, Kastro, Napoleon, Komani, Storm and Nutt-So. The group THUG LIFE consisted of Tupac Shakur, Big Syke, Stretch, Mopreme Shakur, The Rated R, and Macadoshis.

The genius behind them Immortal keys, Mr. Sche aka Sche Eastwood, contributed more elements to the Immortal music culture. Eastwood introduced the world to the newest movements in Memphis, Immortal Lowlife back in the 90's. The infamous group, Immortal Lowlife, consisted of Mr Sche, Pimpminista, Blue Boi, Mr. Chank, DBQ, Randy Mack, N-Sain, Quicksta, Dolla Bill, Psycholistic, Boss Bitch, Lil Gold-E, and 12 Gage X. Even though, he is mostly solo these days, it has been over 20 years since he first started his journey. Sche's Dark/ Sadistic metaphor compliments his pimp-hustlin, spiritual, political versatility.