Artist management here at Lifeless Immortal Music Group offers artists/bands of all genres a management team that not only believes in their artist, but also believes in their music.  What gives the Lifeless Immortal Artist Management team an edge over many Artist Managers within the world is our ability to focus strongly on two areas.   First, we understand at Lifeless Immortal that it is very important for our artists/bands to be our first priority. Second, in order for the management team to fulfill our first focus, we must remain knowledgeable of what is taking place within the industry...REMAINING RELEVANT AT ALL TIMES!!! When two such focuses are combined, they provide an ELITE service.

Before getting started, make sure you complete the registration first (CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP) then request to be in our official FB Group: All My Souljas Are Immortal

In addition to keeping artists/bands relevant, your Lifeless Immortal manager’s duties will consist of the following:
  • Assist with shows (local and out of state)
  • Collect/ Pass Out Beats 
  • Organize music playlist
  • Network with managers, promoters, venues, agents and companies
  • Promote demos to radio stations, song pools, online radio ststions, social medias, etc
  • Negotiate financial deals between venues, touring expenses, recording, collaboration, etc
  • Explore various funding opportunities for the artist/band

The above responsibilities are NEVER limited.  We at Lifeless Immortal consider ourselves to be more than just a team, but a La' Familia!

Sending Content
To be able to best serve you, we just need a few things from you such as your music, pictures, biography (or simple write-up on your career as an artist), current promotions, dates of shows (if applicable), YouTube Channel, and social media links.

Provide Images
We require clear pictures with enough resolution so that we can work our magic. Since soial media distorts images, we recommend all artists to send their picture via email. In most cases, if we retreive a photo from Facebook it may or may not meet the standards that we go by. To get all setup with your pics, send us over 1 headshot, a couple body shots with different poses and 3 freestle pictures that you think would go great with a design. Additional photos like album covers, mixtape covers, social promo, flyers, etc. will also be helpful while promoting you and your music. All pictures must be clear and over 1000 pixels x 800 pixels.

Setting Up Your Album
Next is the main dish for creating the gourmet meal of your choice, your music. The formats that we recommend is MP3. If tracks are not mastered, we will hear it and if there is something that we do to fix the issue, we will resolve it the best way we can. Even though we highly recommend direct music from the artists, we can also make an exception for people that are not that computer savvy by allowing them to send us their music links from today's popular public music streaming sites.

We can also pull your music from Soundcloud, YouTube, and Facebook but just know that even audio is distorted, which it is compressed to fit on the cloud server that these web platforms are using. Sites like Reverbnation, we do pay attention to unless we are advised that you have downloadable on there. Other sites like Google Drive or DropBox, we do accept music from. Below is the format while submitting your music:

Song Title - Artist Name
Album Title
Name of Songwriters, Composers, etc.
Producer Name, Company that he/she produces for.
Name of Studio, Engineer name (if applicable)
So that the every party involved get paid and all legal matters are handled, we require all respected parties to get credited for their work. To confusion, if there is a track that you did with an artist that you no longer rock with anymore, then we advise you to remix the track or keep it pushing. There's no sense in putting fuel on a dying fire.